From land to land

“people of the world are ignorant and driven by passions and so are destined for the evil realms of samsara, where they undergo endless suffering”

Buddha Pronounces the Sūtra of Amitāyus Buddha

” Further, in the midst of worldly desires and attachments one comes and goes alone, is born alone, and dies alone. After death, one goes to a painful or pleasant state of existence. Each receives his karmic consequences, and no one else can take his place. In accordance with different acts of good and evil, people are destined to realms of bliss or suffering. Unalterably bound by their karma, they depart for those realms all alone. Having reached the other world, they cannot see each other. The law of good and evil naturally pursues them, and wherever they may be reborn distance and darkness always separate them. Since their paths of karma are different, it is impossible to…

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