Is the Ācārya Relative?

The Enquirer

I got into a terrible argument recently with a friend because of something I said.

It started when someone (on Facebook of course) asked me, “What do you have to say about Prabhupada’s condemnation of homosexual activity?”

In hindsight, I should have asked him to give examples and then addressed the examples one by one. I don’t think there would have been too many. Instead, as usual, I blurted out exactly how I feel – without pausing for diplomacy or tact or all that much sensitivity. “I don’t like it.”

My friend really hated that. He took “I don’t like it” to mean “It is wrong.” But “I don’t like it” doesn’t mean “It is wrong,” it means “I don’t like it.”

“Why would you not like it if its not wrong?” he asked.

I don’t like it because its very complicated. It is very complicated becaus it triggers…

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